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Customer Testimonials

St. Dismas Letter

San Pedro Sula, Honduras, March 2001.Fr. Dave La Buda

Fr. David La Buda, a Maryknoll Catholic missionary who has worked in Honduras for more than 20 years saw a problem and used the Redfield Infrared Coagulator to solve it. In the poor "barrios" of Honduras, many young people are in gangs. As these youngsters mature, they often want to sever their gang associations and lead more productive lives. Unfortunately, their "gang tattoos" permanently label them as potential troublemakers and supervisors in assembly plants will not hire them. After spending more than a year researching different methods of tattoo removal, Rev. La Buda determined that lasers were simply too expensive and laser tattoo removal took too much time to be viable for their program. He then learned about the Texas Gang X-Tatto program and realized that a better alternative existed.

Over the last few years, the Texas program under the direction of Dr. Tolbert Wilkinson, a San Antonio plastic surgeon, has removed tattoos from more than 3,000 former gang members with the Redfield IRC. Rev. La Buda was looking for a low cost option that required only one or two visits and produced predictably good results. Rev. La Buda, along with a physician and nurse traveled to Texas and learned the IRC tattoo removal technique. A short time later, Rev. La Buda purchased an IRD and says, "We have already treated over 450 kids in just two and a half months. We have had no keloids or scarring! Your machine has been a godsend here in Honduras!"

Texas Tech

On a typical Saturday morning at our ranch outside San Antonio individuals will begin gathering by 8:30 in the morning and those who are coming for their second, third, or subsequent treatment sign their release forms and receive their local anesthetics. Since the technique is to deliver the anesthetic below the tattoo, a wait of 20 to 30 minutes is required before our three treatment tables swing into action. Treatment of a typical tattoo takes about 2 minutes. The volunteers then use basic burn protocols. non-stick bandages, silver sulfadiazine and compression wraps. Each individual is given instructions for aftercare as well as telephone numbers. To date our only problems have been those who develop allergies to the antibiotics or even to certain of the post treatment cortisone creams. Patient compliance has been excellent and patient appreciation has been unbelievable.

- Texas X-Tattoo Program (Dr. Wilkinson's Program)


I decided to remove my tattoos to be a better example for my children. As a police office, I feel a professional appearance is a better example for the young people I encounter. Dr. Wilkinson's removal procedure is virtually priceless. The results so far have been dramatic.