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Selected mentions of the Wilkinson Tattoo Removal System in the news.

Excerpts from a Canadian documentary about the Bandera clinic.
  • Tattoo removal innovation deserves good ink
    April, 2010 in my SA News
    "The hospital's Alamo Area Tattoo Removal Program has helped thousands in the 12 years since Wilkinson developed an alternative to laser removal that is less costly and quicker. Unlike the different lasers required for different inks, Wilkinson's machines use very intense white light that attacks all colors."
  • Removing Tattoos From Gang Members
    October, 2009 on ABC News
    “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with tattoos, unless it ties you to a lifestyle that you’re trying to give up,” says Wilkinson, who began a tattoo-removal program using the infrared coagulator in Bandera, Texas, and has since removed tattoos from around 3,000 people.
  • A Further Innovation in Tattoo Removal
    July, 2009 in Off beat Ink
    "Everyday we are bombarded with promises of magic creams and pills that will fade that tattoo for pennies and no discomfort at all, and invariably disappointment abounds every time. Innovations in Tattoo Removal Techniques are as rare as hen’s teeth but when they come along, they are welcomed with much relief."
  • As memories fade, so do tattoos
    November, 2007 in my SA News
    "In a rustic, defunct feed store in Bandera, at the edge of the Chukka Creek Ranch, doctors and nurses are erasing evidence of their clients' past."
  • Tattoo removal ministry helps restore spirits
    April, 2007 in Catholic Spirit
    "The women see the tattoo obliteration as a community service; the Waco Police Department and the Methodist Children’s Home in Waco have been looking into such a program for several years."
  • Tattoo removal funded in county
    May, 2007 in the Houston Chronicle
    "Fort Bend County officials met with Wilkinson. As a test case, a juvenile from Fort Bend was taken to San Antonio, and tattoo removal was complete in two sessions."
  • Removing the past ...still
    July, 2006 in the Bandera Bulletin
    "One woman at the June session said she had spent over $4,000 in laser sessions which had barely removed half of the ink from her tattoo; via the infrared coagulator, her tattoo will likely be gone within a few monthly treatments."
  • Adios Tattoos (in Spanish)
    July, 2005
    "Since 1 November 2000, 30,000 people have been treated in Honduras, 10,000 in Guatemala (from February 2002), and 7,000 in El Salvador (since June 2002). In November 2004 a clinic opened in Nicaragua where they have served over 8,000 youth, and in July 2005, he opened a clinic in Panama."
  • Hints from Heloise promotes the Wilkinson Tattoo Removal System
    May, 2005
    "For those who have changed their minds, this program is just the 'ticket' to start anew... without a negative tattoo.  Thank you and all of the people who make this program possible."
  • Tattoo removal gives new hope to ex-gang members
    March, 2001 on Charity Wire
    "The clinic where tattoos are removed was established by Maryknoll priest David LaBuda. With the advice of two physicians from the United States, Maryknoll purchased the tattoo removal machine, which uses infrared light to disintegrate skin cells that hold tattoo ink."
  • Tattoo Removal Just Got Cheaper
    October, 2000
    A UPI article, republished on "Apples for Health", discusses the breakthrough technology used in the Wilkinson Tattoo Removal System.

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