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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Is a medical degree required to operate the Wilkinson Tattoo Removal System?
A: No. a medical degree is not required, but a doctor should be on staff at any location that performs tattoo removals. Skin is easily sterilized with alcohol wipes and syringes are filled from an IV bag.

In the training program, individuals with little surgical experience such as retired physicians, pediatricians, and others are shown the nuances and precautions of tattoo removal.

Q: Will the area where the tattoo used to be look any different from the surrounding skin?
A: Yes, there will be some textural difference and the skin will not tan as it did before. However, the scarring will be minimal and in most cases less than in any other tattoo removal technology.

Q: How is this system different from laser tattoo removal systems?
A: There are several differences. First, laser systems are designed to destroy a certain spectrum of colors. For tattoos with multiple colors, this means multiple treatments. This also means that certain colors are especially difficult to remove with a laser system. The WTR system uses broad spectrum light that destroys all colors of pigments at the same time.

Second, a laser-based system is much more expensive than the WTR system. This cost must be passed along to customers and/or absorbed by the organization performing the tattoo removals. The entire WTR system, including all training required, can often be purchased for less than 5% of the cost of a laser-based system.

Third, a laser system uses highly concentrated and focused laser light, meaning that safety measures must be in place to protect eyes and other tissues during the process. These processes add to the cost of not only the treatment, but also of the treatment facility. Since there is the danger of hepatitis C in tattoo patients and lasers release a "laser plume" which may contain live viruses, extensive laser precautions are required that are not required with the WTR system.

Q: I purchased a used system online. Can I purchase training for my system?
A: Not at this time. Because we are not able to verify what system you were sold and what condition the system is in, we cannot accept the liability of training someone who has not purchased a system directly from us. If there is enough demand, we may consider operating a certified pre-owned program in the future.

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