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Wilkinson Tattoo Removal

So why should a physician or a charity become involved in tattoo removal? I asked myself that same question in 1995 when I accepted the challenge from my “hot topics” committee of the national organization to see if this inexpensive device was actually working. In the initial research I found few who were happy with the results of Infra Red Coagulation for tattoos, and I was unhappy that my patients whom I referred to laser therapy came back with discouraging reports. Foremost was the cost of laser treatments, reflecting the overhead precautions and maintenance of the lasers. Secondly, the honest individuals who treated tattoos wrote that certain colors should be avoided because they darkened, and not to promise anyone that you could accomplish anything except a blurring. That wasn’t good enough. We also found that different lasers were required for different colors and many of the colored tattoos were totally resistant.

We have overcome all of those obstacles.

Treating a tattoo is not rocket science, but there are definitely rules and precautions which we included in our program beginning in 1995. The object is to minimize any residuals, to make the experience easy and quick, and to utilize equipment that is inexpensive and does not require significant maintenance.

The first thing that you must realize is that this device is not infrared. It is concentrated white light. White light covers the entire colored spectrum which includes all colors of tattoos as well as veins and arterials in the skin. This is why so many people had poor results, simply by destroying the blood supply. The program that you will use was developed over a period of one year with acceleration of the schedules, precautions, modifications of the original equipment, and the preventive measures that are will be included in your training manual. Your one day training with us includes hands on treatment as well as evaluation of all types of individuals, skin colors and tattoo variations. The training certificate will protect you in the unlikely event that there will be a lawsuit. Remember your public programs are treating people who might not be the brightest or most cooperative. In Father LaBuda's initial 6000 treatments in Central America only a dozen developed hypertrophic scars “because they didn’t follow our instructions”. Our other objective is to show you show you how to keep your costs to a minimum with donations, outlets for inexpensive dressing supplies and more.

So why should a charity or police department become involved? It’s one of the things you can do for the community that returns young people to productive lives, allows them to advance in the work force, removes the impediment to enlisting in our armed forces, or simply removes a psychological barrier at minimal cost and with minimal recovery time. While many of our trainees have lasers in their clinics, the logistics are impossible for cost containment as well as for a charitable program. We hope that all of you will begin chartable programs as we do, and use this also as a referral source for private patients in a variety of categories.

Let me emphasize that training is the essential part. After you leave us, the telephone lines are open. Your training manual and lecture disk will allow you to convey the important points of tattoo removal to your audience and to your private patients. Those who like their tattoos or do not wish to have them removed will certainly leave before your treatment begins. We’ve had this happen more than once. You must be honest with them, and make certain that they understand not only the end result which is usually a blurred lighter colored skin which is flexible and retains sensation and hair growth, but also their obligations for protection and prevention of infection.

Our newsletter with precautions, advice and “tips” will be helpful as well. Remember that the cost of your tattoo removal program is less than 1/10th that of a laser program, and only employs a single, easily portable, indestructible delivery system.

For private practitioners such as myself, investing in lasers is not practical although I have received requests for tattoo removal on a weekly basis. The TOBIL system is inexpensive, reliable, and effective and with minimal costs and no maintenance contract, ideal for a single or small group practice.

- Dr. Tolbert S. Wilkinson

Dr. Wilkinson using the WTR system at his Bandera Tattoo Removal Clinic.